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Web of Science Quartile: Q2

Manzar, the Scientific Journal of Landscape, is a quarterly bilingual journal (Persian & English) launched in November 2009 by Nazar Research Center for Art, Architecture and Urbanism (NRC) and publishes articles which study landscape as the theme linking different areas such as art, environment, city, architecture and cultural heritage. As an academic journal, Manzar has provided a platform for experts, researchers and professionals to share their opinions in Landscape and related fields. The policy of the journal is to adopt a local approach to specialized landscape-related issues. To broaden the knowledge boundaries and increase its international reputation, the Journal has internationalized the editorial board and has been communicating with scholars and experts from all around the world and presenting their views and results of their research.

The papers submitted to Manzar will undergo a double-blind peer review process and will be published after three rounds of reviewing and editorial approval. The journal also uses iTenticate for checking similarity and plagiarism for English manuscripts and Hamyab far Persian manuscripts.

Manzar is an open-access journal under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 and makes its content freely accessible to students, researchers and professionals worldwide via its website platform to promote interactions among them.

Manzar charges fees from authors for various stages of receiving and publishing articles. Refer to the Article Publication Charges page for information on the amount and payment steps.

This journal is indexed in the Islamic World Science Citation (ISC) and Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index).


Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 66, April 2024