Guide to Writing Acceptable Articles for Publication

Dear Researcher,      

In the below text, the categories of acceptable articles of MANZAR journal and their writing format are sent to you. You can submit your papers in any types of contents that you are interested in.




TYPE I: THE SCIENTIFIC ARTICLES-  These type of articles include: 1. ‘Research articles’, 2. ‘Review articles’ and 3. ‘Case studies’.

1-1- Research/ Original Article:

  • Proposing a new problem (challenge) or having a new look at an issue;
  • The most important feature of these articles is their originality and innovation.


  • Word limit: Maximum 4000-6000 words (Tables and References are included);
  • Total number of figures and tables: Up to Six (6) numbers;
  • Number of pages: Maximum 8-10 pages.



  • Making a review, analogy, and analysis of the literature on a particular subject with an emphasis on a specific issue, which helps to identify relations, contradictions, and inconsistencies (available on that subject); it represents the current situation and progresses made on this issue.
  • In this type of articles, the emphasis is on an issue/problem in the literature of a subject and its previous findings. 
  • The purpose of a review article is to inform and collect data, and beyond this to evaluate and interpret them, comprising the author's opinion on that subject.


  • Words limit: Maximum 6000-8000 words (Tables and References are included);
  • Total number of figures and tables: Up to four (4) numbers;
  • Number of pages: Maximum 10-12 pages.



  • It is a study carried out based on the statistical population in order to address the problem represented in the case /cases studied;
  • They are not kind of descriptive studies, so data interpretation and analysis must be included. Presenting a theory or hypothesis is also required to be noticed;
  • These articles should not be an example of a pre-defined theory or hypothesis. Data analysis in such articles should be a theoretical one.


  • Words Limit: Maximum 4000 words (The tables and references are included);
  • Total number of figures and tables: Up to Six (8) numbers;
  • Number of pages: Maximum 8-10 pages.





  • Book review should not only describe and introduce a book content, rather it should also evaluate its content by adopting a critical look. This kind of review is an initiating point for continuing discussion on the target issues.


  • Word Limit: Maximum 1200 words;
  • Number of Figures: one (1) Fig;
  • Number of Pages: Maximum 2 pages.

A Book review should include the following features:

  • The work specifications: Author (s) / Editor (s) Name, Book title, Place of Publication, Year of Publication, Number of pages, Reviewed by … and Affiliation;
  • Introduction: Book Description;
  • Interpretation and Critique ;
  • Evaluation.



  • Analyzing a project is not confined to a mere description, rather, it must include interpretation and analyzing (by critical look), in addition to the specific reviewing approach that will take to examine the project;
  • A reasonable critical reviewing based on theoretical/observational documents are highly suggested.


  • Word Limit: Maximum 3000 words;
  • Number of pages: Up to 8 pages.


Project review should include the following items:

  • A biography of the project that includes:
  1. The Project name;
  2. The Place of construction and Implementation;
  3. Designer/designers;
  4. Employer;
  5. Area [of Project];
  6. Initiation of design (year);
  7. Initiation of construction (year)-Duration time of the project.




3-1- Rapid communication/Short paper/ Short note

  • Emphasis on a particular aspect of an issue or a new finding;
  • Comprises a new achievement in line with the published research findings; i.e.: providing a new documentation on a subject;
  • Designing a new hypothesis;
  • Providing experiences, experiments and field observations by addressing an issue to be reviewed.


*These articles are presented more briefly and focused than the scientific articles and do not follow the formal structure of research articles in presenting subjects.


  • The major content of these articles are based on the illustrative examples (figure based);
  • Word Limit: Maximum 800 words;
  • Number of Figures: Up to 12 Fig;
  • Number of pages: Maximum 8 pages;
  • Considering their brief and concise structure, these type of articles often comprises a very short abstract (up to 150 words), that is followed by an ‘Article body’ and finally a ‘Reference list’.