Before Submitting

Instructions for Authors

Thanks for your interest in publishing your Manuscript with Manzar. You are strongly advised to read the journal’s instructions for author carefully. This will help you ensure that your topic is in the scope of the journal and will allow you to save time and money. Manuscripts which are not prepared in accordance with these instructions, will not enter the review process.

Manzar, the scientific and bilingual (Persian and English) journal of Nazar Research Center (NRC), publishes articles which study landscape as the theme linking different areas such as art, environment, city, architecture and cultural heritage.

Manuscripts submitted to Manzar should be research articles and have not previously been published or submitted anywhere else (journal, conference, book, ...).

Each manuscript is reviewed by at least two expert reviewers in the subject matter. Articles which are accepted by two reviewers and approved by the editorial board of the journal will be published. The length of approval (from submission to final approval) is approx. 3 months (for more information, see Submission to Acceptance Procedure). 

There are submission, review and publication fees for this journal which should be paid separately, at the beginning of each step (for more details, see publication charges and payment procedures).

For more ease of use, the content of this guide is divided into three sections:


Before submitting

Before uploading their manuscripts, authors are required to read the authors’ instructions to ensure that their articles are prepared in accordance with the terms and conditions required by the journal for the initial assessment. Authors should also sign a copy of the “Authors’ agreement and commitment form” and upload it at the same time with the manuscript.


Publication Ethics

Manzar is a member of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and adheres to its principles (see the COPE membership of the journal). Before submitting their manuscript, authors are required to ensure that the publication ethics of scientific articles are considered in their work, and sign the “Authors’ agreement and commitment form” to confirm it (for more information, see the “Publication Ethics” section).


Publication charges and payment process

As Manzar charges a publication fee, the authors are advised to read the “publication charges and payment procedures” carefully before uploading their manuscripts (for more information, See the “Article Publication Charges” section)


Review process

The review process of manuscripts submitted to Manzar is as follows: All articles are initially reviewed by the editorial board of the journal. Papers approved by the editorial board will be sent to two expert reviewers. The review process in Manzar is double blind. If both expert reviewers approve the article, it will be accepted for publication. If the article is approved by one reviewer but rejected by the other, the author will be asked to revise and resend it and then the vote of the third reviewer will specify that the manuscript would be accepted or rejected (see Peer-review process, for more information).


Principles of Authorship

All authors must participate in research and article writing, and they must be responsible for all the content provided in the article. The names of individuals and organizations that have not directly contributed to the article but have influenced the research should be mentioned in acknowledgment. (In articles with more than one author), all authors should agree on designating a corresponding author (for future follow-up and correspondence), and agree on the order of authorship. The corresponding author must upload the “authors’ agreement and commitment form”, signed by all authors of the article, at the same time with submitting the manuscript. With signing this form the authors confirm the research originality, authors’ contribution, the order of authors’ names, adherence to publication ethics and declarations of all interests to avoid any conflict of interests (Click here to download the “Authors’ agreement and commitment form”).

The corresponding author will be responsible for all the follow-ups and correspondence of the article (from manuscript submission to the subsequent notification of journal). It is imperative for authors to designate the one as corresponding author who registers the article on the website of the journal and has access to its journal account and the email to answer journal queries on time.


Authorship Agreement forms

For Authors' convenience, all commitment and confirmation items are included in one form and need to be signed once. For more details, authors can contact the journal via email (Click here to download the “Authors’ agreement and commitment form”)


Manuscript writing format, submission and preparation guidelines

In line with the journal policies, the journal publishes only qualitative studies which are descriptive in nature and requires authors’ critical analysis. The journal rejects those studies which test pre-set hypotheses through statistical measurement or the studies whose results and interpretations are based on the data of the questionnaire, or formulas. Quantitative studies and review papers just compiling previous studies will not be accepted.