After Submitting

After logging into the personal page and submitting the article, the corresponding author can track the status of the submitted manuscript on the journal site. In addition, any changes to the status of the article will be notified by email to the corresponding author and all other authors.

If the submitted article is approved in the initial evaluation and the reviewers approve the article, it will be returned to the author(s) for revision (if any corrections are required) and if the reviewer’s concerns are addressed, the article will be edited by the journal editor. If the article needs editing or its references are missing and incomplete, the authors will be asked to make the necessary corrections. After revising the manuscripts based on the editor's comments, the author will be asked to pay the acceptance charge for final preparing and publishing the manuscript (Payment No. 2).

Prior to the publication of the article, authors can request for adding, removing, or modifying the authors' names, provided that their reasons are sufficient and acceptable for the journal. In order to modify the order of authorship, the corresponding author needs to fill in the application form and notify the journal about the new authorship and all other authors should also sign the form (download Request form for changes in authorship). If any author wants to remove his/her name, or other authors want to remove the name of one (or more) author(s), the removal request form must be completed by corresponding author and must be signed by all authors, including the author whose name should be removed.

After the article has been published, authors should notify the journal if there are any potential errors in the published article and, if necessary, work with the journal to correct the manuscript or delete the article.